Thursday, November 8, 2018

Greetings, Beacon Families!

As you know, Beacons, represented by the lighthouse here at Bookman Road, serve as a reminder that we are to "light the way" in personal character, academics and community service.

In keeping with our nautical theme, we want to introduce another symbol, which is the ANCHOR. An anchor represents strength, support, and stability. As teachers and staff here at Bookman Road, we realize that it is our responsibility to provide strength, support, and stability to our students through leading by example. So, this week we presented our very first “Anchored” awards to two very special staff members.

Mr. Keith Robinson is our Staff Member of the Month for "lighting the way" in personal character. Mr. Robinson builds positive relationships with all students throughout the school. He is a team player, keeps a smile, and is always excited about his work with students.

Mrs. Beth Lechner was recognized as the Teacher of the Month for going the extra mile to assist newer Beacon teachers, selflessly leading our Beacon Battle Buddies military kids program, and providing unforgettable learning experiences for students through engaging Potlatch and Colonial Day activities.

Thanks to our community partner, GraceLife Church, for sponsoring this recognition. Please join us in congratulating these two Beaming Beacons for a job well done!

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Hill

You can see these smiling faces on display on D Hall!

Mrs. Davis'

 First Grade Class

Our class is so excited to be the class of the week next week. We are working on becoming geologists as we explore rocks, pebbles, and sand in our science unit of study.
Our class service is color cycle--we will collect markers that have dried out to be recycled and used to make plastic products.

Let's show our teachers and staff how much we appreciate them! We are holding a potluck breakfast on Friday, November 16th. We would like two people from each class to bring in a food item within your grade category. Items may be dropped off in the car rider line for convenience. If sending in a dish or utensil that needs returned, please label with your child's name and teacher so we can get it back to you quickly. As always, if you'd prefer to email me directly, I can sign you up manually. Thank you for volunteering!

(Child Development, Kindergarten: Breads)

(First Grade: Fruit)

(Second, Third Grade: Breakfast Casseroles)

(Fourth Grade: Drinks)

(Fifth Grade: Grits/Potatoes)

Sign up here: