Thursday, October 4, 2018

Greetings, Beacon Families!

The students and staff at Bookman Road are continuing to focus on the LIFESKILL of Responsibility. My parents helped me to develop responsibility by assigning chores to do around the house.  I had to take responsibility for making sure that my homework and chores were done before going out to play. My work ethic and sense of responsibility were further developed in high school when I worked as a server at a local restaurant.  

While I didn’t necessarily enjoy chores and work, I’m sure grateful for them because they helped refine the work ethic and sense of responsibility that have helped me be successful in my career and other endeavors.

Below are some ways that you can help your Beacons continue to develop a sense of responsibility.

                                                                                                         Source:  Home & School Connection

You can see these smiling faces on display 
on D-Hall next week.

It's time for applications for the Richland Two Film Festival! Any student in grades K-12 are invited to participate. Watch the commercial below and visit the Film Festival website here to get more information! If you have any further questions, email Mrs. King at

                                United Way 

Thank you to everyone who donated in our United Way Campaign. With your help, we were able to raise $1,774.27! Thank you so much for your support Beacon families!

District News and Flyers

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