Thursday, January 11, 2018

Greetings, Beacon Families!

     One of our LIFESKILLS of focus this month is Flexibility.  Flexibility means to be willing to alter plans when necessary. I’m sure you may have heard your children sharing situations just this week when they had to use the LIFESKILL of Flexibility. Maybe there was a substitute teacher in the classroom, or they had to have indoor recess because of the cold weather outside. Some students had to wait patiently inside the building during afternoon dismissal instead of waiting outside. Since very few things are “set in stone,” at Bookman Road we teach students the importance of being able to adapt to changes, problems, and unexpected situations without undue stress or anxiety. 

     We encourage you to spotlight situations where your Beacon uses flexibility at home this weekend. Thanks, and have an awesome evening.

Dr. Hill, Principal

Ashley's family would like to thank our Beacon community for all of the support during her diagnosis and treatment. She is looking forward to ringing the bell next week! 

Our first graders enjoyed learning about Russian living and traditions through a Skype with Olga who actually lives in Russia! 

Check out these smiling faces on display on D Hall! 
Cyrus Carmack-Belron
Chase  Smoak
Colton Hollobaugh
Lyric Dozier
Jackson Grindstaff
Cameron Sussman
Kobie AlexanderB
Maleiyah Ford
Nicholas Ball
Ethan Haynes
DeAsia Burris
Alex Medeiros
Bennam Buhr
Landon Elrod
Landyn Sevighy
Trinity Merling
Aaron Boken