Thursday, October 5, 2017

Make sure to stop by and see these friends smiling face on D Hall!

Adrianna Cannin
Ryder McNeal
Aiden Ragland
Jonathan Saddler
Braylyn Heyward
Jael Pratt
Alaina Matthews
Macayla Frye
Wyatt Harter
Josiah Green
Kyler Miller
Olivia Branham
Bella Johnson
Diona Dinkins
Lylou Libby-Lengard
Joshua Davis
Sydney Cato
Timmy Osisek
Andrew Lopes
Nicholas Fakas
Royce Robinson

Our Kindergarten students enjoyed the Valley Voices!

Mystery shape mingle with 5th graders in Ms. Barfield's Class!

Friends in the Digital Media Lab enjoyed their Digital Breakout Challenge! They only had 45 minutes to escape!

Afterschool Club Opportunities

CATE EXPO.Parent flyer.jpg

College & Career Awareness Week

Oct. 30 - Nov. 3rd

Monday, Oct. 30th -  Hats off to College & Career Week

Wear your favorite hat.

Tuesday, Oct. 31st - Dress for Success  
Please be creative with any CAREER outfit/costume.
If the career does not have a specific uniform, then you can bring in a prop.  
(Do NOT bring any toy weapons!!!!)

Wednesday, Nov. 1st - Step Up to Your Bright Future
Wear funny socks and Neon Clothing.

Thursday, Nov. 2nd - Career Day
Speakers will visit the school to talk to the students about different careers.  

Friday, Nov. 3rd - College Spirit Day
Students, Faculty & Staff can wear their Favorite College Shirt.

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