Thursday, September 7, 2017

Greetings, Beacon Families,

You will often hear that Bookman Road is a great place to be because we have the finest parents, teachers, and students! It is our desire that Bookman Road continues to be a beacon of light in the community, so we have enlisted a special group of individuals to serve on our School Improvement Council (SIC). The School Improvement Council serves as an advisory council to the principal, exploring and suggesting ways to make our school an even BETTER place for our students to learn and grow! The SIC also spearheads special projects and school initiatives throughout the year.

Below the message from the Helm you will find introductions of individuals who are willing to serve on our 2017-2018 School Improvement Council as a parent or an individual who can represent the general interests of our surrounding community. An official vote will be held during the general PTO meeting scheduled for this coming Monday at 7:00 p.m. if the weather permits. 

If you have any specific ideas of ways to improve our school, please see one of the individuals below to share your ideas.

Lastly, this week we are wrapping up our focus on the LIFESKILL of Creativity. We are a school of readers so I am also attaching a reading of the book “FLIGHT SCHOOL” which shares the story of a penguin who is determined to fly.

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Hill

2017 -2018 School Improvement Council
Mark Richter

I have two children at Bookman Road (Jack 5th grade and Sarah 1st grade).  My wife teaches in the Richland Two School district. I have worked in higher education as a fundraiser for my entire career - first at Yale University and now at USC. My career in education will bring value to the council. My involvement aligns with the schools desire for more involvement by fathers in the school.
Jodi Osisek

My husband and I have twin boys in the First Grade this year at Bookman.  I am an adjunct professor at local University and substitute at a preschool.  I am passionate about ensuring all our children receive the best possible education.   I feel being on the School Improvement Council will allow me to help shape the future of Bookman Road for your children.  
Melissa Bradshaw
We are a military family who has been in SC for a year now and are planning on making this home for as long as possible. I am currently a full time homemaker while my husband is serving as a drill instructor here at Ft Jackson. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human service Management and hope to utilize it in some way within our community.

Becky Sussman
I am a Columbia native and a two-time graduate of the University of South Carolina, receiving a Bachelor's degree in English and a Master's degree in Secondary Education as a Gamecock. I was a classroom teacher in Richland II for 16 years and am now a Professional Educational Trainer and Curriculum Development Specialist. I am the mother of two Bookman Beacons, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to making Bookman's already bright beacon shine even brighter!
Cindy Buzhardt
I have been a Richland County District 2 and a Beacon parent for over a decade. My three children are students at Bookman Road Elementary School, Kelly Mill Middle School and Spring Valley High School. Based on my experience, I will be able to provide valuable insight pertaining to areas in need of improvement and help the district officials formulate ways to implement the changes by becoming a voice for the students and their parents.
Tiffany Brown

I am the proud mother of a second grader in Mrs. Smith's class. This is our third year being a part of the Bookman family and we have enjoyed it.  I am honored to be a part of the Bookman SIC.

Faith Shehane

I have a husband Dylan Sr., who is retired Air Force after 20+years of service. We have 2 children, James and Dylan Jr., and they both are at Bookman.  Being involved in the community is important to me and something I have been doing since I was a child.  Given that this is one Bookman’s mottos, I feel SIC is a wonderful opportunity for me to be involved with the Bookman community.

Latha Dickey

I am a wife and proud Bookman Road parent of third grader Alana Dickey. I'm originally a North Carolina native, and relocated to Columbia in 2007. I have 12 years of experience in Education serving in various roles such as: English Teacher, journalism Teacher, JV basketball coach, senior mentor, adult Education instructor, Associate Dean, Learning Success manager, and Campus Director of Education. I spent two years serving on the Richland Two advisory board under the leadership of Dr. Hamm. I would love to serve and give back to a school that has given so much to me and my family. 
Dililah Cedeno

I am a small business owner in our lovely community. I have a 4th grader and 9th grader. I believe it is my responsibility as a parent to provide assistance, in any way possible, to those providing an education for my children. I love seeing children flourish and I want to do anything in my power to contribute to their thirst for knowledge.

Books in the Beacon

New Teacher Feature
We are delighted to welcome our new teachers to our Beacon community!

I am a native of Columbia but have lived and taught in Southwest Virginia for the past 21 years. During my career, I have been blessed to teach elementary, middle, and high school visual arts; middle level history and English as well as elementary and middle level Gifted and Talented classes.
Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, gardening, crafting, and painting (acrylic and watercolor).
I am so excited to share my love of art to my young artists at Bookman. It is at this age that students are eager to learn, explore and express themselves without reservation.
I am thrilled to be back home and to be a Beacon!!! 

I am super excited to be a new addition to the Bookman Family! I have a Bachelor's degree in History and Master of Arts degree in Teaching. I have been working in schools for about 5 years in various capacities, this is where I fell in love with teaching. My husband and I have a large family and two beautiful German Shepherds. The Army brought us to South Carolina and we intend to stay as long as possible. I can't wait to be able to witness the growth and change in our amazing students! 
Stop by to see pictures of these students on D Hall!
A’Leyah Johnson
Brynleigh Arteaga-Dalton
Adain Turner
James Davidson
Sariah Ferrell
Halle Morris
La’Niya Hargrove
Caleb Jackson
Caleb Gamble
Safiatou Diallo
Devin Caulfield
Winter Robinson
Ryan Williams
Aiden Jenkins
Italie Bravo
Jamal Benson-Dubose
Jolie Pierce
Katherine Ross
Mark Simpson

We’re ready for attendance awareness month. How about you?


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