Thursday, October 27, 2016

Message from the Helm

Class of the Week
Mrs. Willis' Fourth Grade Class

Our class has been very busy these past nine weeks.  Students have been studying weather forecasting, native american culture, and early exploration in our units of study.  Budding mathematicians have reviewed place value, addition, subtraction, and basic multiplication and are now moving into new learning with multiplication of multidigit numbers. We are sharpening our reading and writing skills by studying and applying new “fix up” strategies in order to soar to new reading level heights.  

We are All working super hard to become lifelong learners.

Nathan Ball
Joshua Campbell
Nathanael Currence
Lyric Dozier
Cameron Droze
Susannah Gaskin
Savanna Jones
Jaydina kennedy
Daniel Liu
Luke Mcgee
Harumi Mcgriff
Leroy Myles
Chase Smoak
Tristan Thomas
Emily Thompson
Mollie Turner
Ke’Andre Washington
Isis Wells
Caydence Lee
James Young

Blinky's Buddy

Congratulations to the following students who are Blinky’s Buddies next week.
Check out their smiling faces in D hall.

Mariah Brown
Madison Simon
Nicholas Fakas
Andy Osisek
Keymanya Foster
Natalie Wright
Royce Robinson
Tyla Nemley
David Hodgson
Lylou Libby- Lengard
Coker Frye
Kingston Jenkins
Joi Reese
Andrew Baskin
Matthew Springer
Ashlyn Middleton
Savannah Cummings Rowe


Please join me us in congratulating our third grade teacher, Mrs.Stephanie Harrell and ALERT teacher, Amy Lytle on their National Board Teaching Certification renewal. 

This is not an easy feat, so make sure to give them a high five or thumbs up if you see them in passing to let them know that we are super proud of them. When ONE shines, we ALL shine! Way to go, Mrs. Harrell and Mrs. Lytle!

Mark Your Calendar

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